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My company has the honor of acquiring "famous brand product in Hunan" title
Sources: kangying                Timeline: 2011-05-11
   The rules that acts according to 《famous brand product in Hunan province affirms with protection way 》 , through save a famous brand product and approve officially organization in the committee office to carry on a data judge, the spot judge and market to measure to review and save a famous brand product to approve officially committee to approve officially to pass concerning the expert, my company produces of"benefit Long" brand motorcycle wheel gear, become soon box the wheel gear is reviewed for the Year 2010''''''''s "famous brand product in Hunan".
   Exaltation core competencies president Ms. Liu Ying of the company asks employee of all to face honor and strengthens sense of responsibility, mission consciousness further and strengthens a quality management further and well develops a brand effect, develops for sooner better company and makes a contribution for economic development of the benefit sun!
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